Deciding Which Hay Baler Is Right For Your Farm

When it's time to replace your hay baler with something new, you may find that one of the most difficult parts is searching through the large volume of hay balers that are available. Some hay balers are small and purely mechanical, being pulled by a tractor. Other hay balers can be driven without a tractor.  Round Balers One of the biggest differences between hay balers is whether they are round or square. Read More 

Three Things You Need To Know About Growing A Lawn In The Alaska Panhandle

You Need to Provide Excellent Drainage Alaska's panhandle is covered by the largest national forest in the country and the planet's largest rain temperate forest, the Tongass National Forest. Although rainfall amounts vary among different parts of the Tongass, water is a part of living in the rain forest. The inhabited communities of the Tongass are all located in coastal areas that experience high rainfall levels. For this reason, yard and garden areas can easily become flooded, creating optimal conditions for fungal pathogens to become problematic. Read More 

How To Make Mulch For Your Plants

Mulch adds another layer of protection on top of soil for your plants. It conserves moisture, prevents soil erosion, helps soil maintain an even temperature, protects your plants and suppresses weed growth. Buying mulch from the store can really add up when you have to buy multiple bags.  An advantage of using mulch is that you do not have to buy it. You can make mulch from items in your yard like leaves, bark chips and grass clippings. Read More 

Tips To Help Prolong The Life Of A Wood Trailer Deck

An open wood deck utility trailer can serve multiple purposes, from hauling weekend project materials, to toting lawn equipment or recreational vehicles. These versatile trailers are generally less expensive than those with a metal flatbed, especially if you purchase them on the used market. The main minor drawback to a wood deck is durability. Fortunately, proper care and maintenance, as outlined in the tips below, can help counter this issue. Read More 

Important Steps When Maintaining Your Well

If you have a water well on your property, these steps are important to take. They will help you take good care of this well. Inspect the Well Cover One of the most important aspects of your well is the well cover. This part is responsible for keeping things and creatures out of your well throughout the months, so it needs to be in good condition. If you notice visible signs of damage, replace it with a new one. Read More