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3 Creative Display Ideas For Outdoor Pottery In A Small Backyard

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Pottery offers a touch of class to any garden or landscape design. But larger pottery pieces can also take up a great deal of room, and smaller pottery pieces alone can look a bit too small. If you have a small backyard, you might find yourself struggling to figure out a pottery arrangement that’s attractive but doesn’t eat up too much of your precious yard space. Here are three creative display ideas for outdoor pottery from a garden store like Bob Williams Nursery Inc. in a small backyard. Fence Lattice and Plant Hooks If...

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4 Steps For Growing The Healthiest Aspen Trees

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Aspen trees are very popular for residential landscaping for many great reasons. There are a few steps you will have to take to ensure that your aspens have the best chance of growing tall and healthy. Here are 4 helpful tips for maintaining aspens on your property. Avoiding Foot Traffic Aspens have shallow root systems, so you shouldn’t plant them in areas that receive constant foot traffic. Human and animal activity on the soil above the root system can compact the soil, making it hard for the roots to grow. Roots in compacted soil...

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