3 Creative Display Ideas For Outdoor Pottery In A Small Backyard

Pottery offers a touch of class to any garden or landscape design. But larger pottery pieces can also take up a great deal of room, and smaller pottery pieces alone can look a bit too small. If you have a small backyard, you might find yourself struggling to figure out a pottery arrangement that's attractive but doesn't eat up too much of your precious yard space.

Here are three creative display ideas for outdoor pottery from a garden store like Bob Williams Nursery Inc. in a small backyard.

Fence Lattice and Plant Hooks

If you have a sturdy fence surrounding your yard, you can utilize that structure to help you build your pottery design up rather than out. Attach a piece of decorative lattice to a section of the fence. Slip plant hooks through random slats in the lattice. Then start hanging your planted outdoor pots onto those hooks.

You might have to do some rearranging to get the pots to not sit right on top of each other. For this design, it looks great to have them haphazardly spaced so that some of the lattice shines through. You should gently tug on each pot after it's hung to make sure the pot is secure on the hook.

Stacking Pots on Brick

You can build your own stacking pot formation by first setting up a simple square or rectangular foundation of bricks. Simply buy bricks and stack them side-by-side on sturdy, level ground.

You can then start stacking a series of pots. Start with the largest one you own, then work up in size, stacking each pot carefully on top of the next one. If you want to add extra security, you can use a bit of weather-safe glue to bind the edges of the pots together while you're stacking.

Create the most visual interest by occasionally doubling up the smaller pots sitting on one level. You can also stack so that the rows create a final look that's more diagonal than vertical. Note that you shouldn't stack it too high so that the pots don't all fall over together. An overly tall structure also looks more messy than elegant.

Stack Around Your Fountain

If you have a waterfall type outdoor fountain, you can use the rocks as a base for some of your pottery. Make sure you use smooth pieces of rock that don't become overly wet or else you'll drown whatever greenery is planted in the pot. This also works best with three or four strategically placed pots rather than lining the entire fountain with pottery.