3 Reasons To Consider Agricultural Drones

Drones are becoming increasingly popular for people in just about any industry, with advances to drone technology allowing them to assist in the agricultural field. Drones are ideal for agricultural applications because they can help monitor your land and crops, and detect threats.

Monitor Land

Drones allow farmers and ranchers to get a view of their property that can be otherwise impossible for them to achieve in a simple and cost-effective manner. This aerial view has the benefit of allowing a farmer to check his or her entire property in a very short amount of time, which is very useful if he or she has a lot of farmland to cover. 

One key benefit to using a drone to monitor your land is that it will allow you to detect moisture in the ground. You can utilize drones with near-infrared or red-edge captures to determine if your soil has sufficient water to keep your crops healthy, and to determine if certain parts of your farmland need to be watered a bit more. In addition, you can use the drone to scout your property in order to determine if there are areas with fertile enough soil to plant additional crops.

Monitor Crops

Another great reason to use a drone is to monitor the health of your crops. A drone can help you detect crop diseases and failure before they can spread too much. This is because the aerial view from the drone can give you a perspective that will allow you to see all of your crops easily, even those in the middle of the field that can be hard to monitor from ground level.

This will give you the option to bring in a professional to help you treat the crops. In addition, you will have the option to remove the infected crops before they can begin to affect your entire harvest. 

Detect Threats

Finally, you can utilize a drone to detect any threats to your crops or livestock. For example, a drone can patrol the perimeter of your property and help you find any breaks in your fence that can allow predators into your land, or permit your livestock to wander away. This approach is far more effective than having to walk or drive along your fence line periodically in order to make sure that it is in good shape.

While drones do provide you with an aerial view, they are not so high up that you miss out on any details. This means that you will easily be able to use a drone to detect when birds are eating a portion of your crops, or when predators have entered the property and are stalking your livestock.

Speak to an agricultural drone dealer today in order to find agriculture drones for sale. A drone can help you keep your land, crops, and livestock secure by providing you with an efficient and effective means of monitoring your land and detecting threats.