Some Important Parts of a Cone Crusher

Looking to buy a cone crusher for agricultural or industrial use? Here are some of the common parts of these machines that you want to evaluate when shopping around and inspecting various models.

External Locking Cylinders

These features of a cone crusher make it easier to maintain the system over time. Take a look to see how these outside pieces are connected to the machine, and how they are accessible to those who will use them.

Sealing Systems

Internal sealing systems protect parts from specific kind of pressure as they break down rock material or other natural materials. Ask about how a dual sealing system or other protective design works.

Crushing Action

Many of these machines have a thin, narrow crushing chamber above the cone cylinder, or a different type of technique such as a cam and lever crushing action. Know how the machine works and how it works on the natural materials to break them down into finer textures.

Rotation System

You'll also want to look carefully at how the cone rotates, and whether or not there are easy automatic shutoffs or other features for the eccentric rotation of the device. This is important in many different situations, such as when the machine jams or in specific emergency situations.


Look at external or internal frame bushings and other areas of the machine for good engineering and durable materials.


Since the cones on many of these machines slide side to side, it's important to have sturdy, secure mounting in place. Look at how the machine is mounted onto a floor, bench or other area to make sure it has the right design to support high pressure in action.

Feed Tray Connector

Another important feature of this system is where the crushed material comes out onto a tray or space. Make sure that there are accessible connectivity pieces, so that this fits into a manufacturing or agricultural setup well.

The Cone

Obviously, another important feature of the cone crusher is the internal cone that is used. This should be designed specifically to grind up the feed material, and any external textures, tread or contour lines should be in good shape. Look for signs of excessive wear.

These are some of the various parts of a cone crusher machine that are important to its long-term use. Take a look and make sure that what you get is up to spec and ready for action.